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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Main Rationale In SEO

Connecting the work that has been long overdue, like the previous information that we will focus with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEO course specifically for blogger / blogspot. Before stepping into the complex, I willing to invest the major premise in SEO. These are among others:
Natural and think like humans

The main purpose of the application of SEO techniques is that blogs are belong to us in the top place on the first page Search Engine blog or in other words we want to be prioritized, so of course we need to know what is liked or not liked by the search engine itself.

If allowed to express opinions, Search Engine that has some qualities like human beings. Example:

* Glad to blog posting original content. In the real world, hijacking other people's work is not a good thing even opposed by many, the search engine is the same, not like the content of his blog content plowing or term outcome is generally the result of Copas (copy paste) from other blogs.
* Not like cheat. In the world of SEO there is a term whose name is Black Hat SEO, which is a lot to apply SEO techniques to fool search engine, examples such as hidden text, hidden links, keyword repetition, and so forth which is basically that all the techniques to trick, and it is not liked by Search engine.
* Glad to Informative blog. Of course many people who like someone else because that person is often put forward useful information, both for individuals especially for the public. Search engine is the same.
* Does not like excessive. Only a few people who like people who over-or over acting, Search Engine was like that, not like the blog overload.
* Like a blog that recommended by many parties. Search engines are very happy with the recommendation, in this case is given a backlink by other blogs. Backlinks in the blogosphere like a recommendation or endorsement.
* And many others.

Blog search engines to index content

All you have to bear in SEO ie Search Engine to index the entire contents of which exist in our blog and that as consideration search engine to prioritize your blog position.

Maybe you've heard of SEO tips that in choosing a domain name must contain at least one keyword from your blog's main topic, the post title should contain the target keyword, the first paragraph should contain the target keyword. Or maybe you've heard the term "Content Is The King", all that can not be separated from the Search Engine to index what you serve in the blog and display them on their search engine.

SEO it is a Competitions

In fact SEO is the competition, which is more appropriate to apply SEO techniques then he comes out a winner. No half-hearted, it could rival the SEO tens of thousands, even tens of millions in number.

Like in school, in a class of students can be up to tens, who conveyed the same subject matter, same teacher, but from dozens of students there must be a rank 1, ask why? Because students who rank 1 is able to apply what is learned than his friends as competitors.
SEO Technique is not just one

SEO Technique is not just one kind, not even a definite number. Therefore, do not get your hopes up only to apply one SEO technique that you read on the internet, the position of your blog can be directly shot in the first place. Therefore, learn the ins and outs of SEO is very important.

In addition, the SEO are dynamic. From time to time there will be an outdated SEO techniques and new as developers search engine search engine algorithms constantly update their property.


Posts above are just a few thoughts that should be induced in about SEO, of course there are many other ideas that should always be remembered and applied, but because of the limitations of my knowledge, maybe that's all that can be written at this time.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

google adsense optimization

For those of you who are grappling with google adsense business, hopefully this article can help you optimize your google adsense business performance (google adsense optimization). In running google adsense optimization there are four important factors you should consider and you optimize. All four factors are Traffic Levels, High Paying Ads, Relevant Ads, and optimally Positioned and Design Ads.
Traffic Levels Traffic Levels or Number of Visitors. More and more visitors who visit your blog or site, the more likely you are to get clicks that can generate dollars.
High Paying Ads Or the value of advertising. How big is the ad influenced the value of a keyword value, the more expensive the keywords chosen the more likely , get income from Google Adsense.
Relevant Ads Appropriate ad. For example, a blog about the laptop had run ads relating to laptops, or computers in general. It is still appropriate.
Another case for example if you blog about tourism, but the ads printed on the remote control car ... ya do not connect, dong. So put up ads that really fit with your blog, to improve your Google Adsense earnings.
Optimally Positioned and Designed Ads Ad Placement and Optimal Design. Determine the exact placement of your ad. choose a place visible to the visitors of your blog. If your ad position is not quite right, then there will be no (or less) visitors are going to click.
Each of the four factors can affect your total Google Adsense income. That is, you do not just focus on one factor, but on the fourth. And the normal optimized just do not overdo it, so that no banned googe adsense. Hopefully useful.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

7 Tips for Building a New Website Blog Links

Building links is an absolute obligation that must be done by the admin and the new web blog. The goal of course to improve the quality of our search engine. The better link our outside and inside the blog, the better the assessment of search engines such as google to our site. Here I will share experiences on how to optimize a new blog for to build quality links

1. Start by sending our blog to blog directories list. List directory of blogs can be found here
2. Use of available ping services like pingomatic and others. Remember! Ping after we perform the update on the blog. Ping aims to inform the search engines that your blog has an update.
3. Whether true or not, he said some sites or blogs that use the domain. Edu (dot edu) to produce high quality backlinks. Come participate in your site or blog, leave comments by inserting a link back to our blog. But remember, you do not ever comment spamming, try to actually participate on topic site or blog. To find your site or blog dot edu berdomain you can use the google search engine by typing in search words such as in i: site:. Edu inurl: blog
4. Leave comments on blogs dofollow (related article: Know Dofollow). Usually blogs like put banners "dofollow" or "you comment i follow". Why must leave a comment? Each leave comments on dofollow blogs and include links, then the link will count as backlinks in search engines. But remember, once again do not make spam to them. Give feedback that is useful for some post and participate. Spam actions will only make your blog look negative in the eyes of other fellow bloggers often blog admin or not melulusakan your blog from their sensors.
5. Register to a few forums and use your blog url in your signature section.
6. Come participate in an ongoing SEO contest, the aim of course to hone our SEO knowledge. :)
7. The final step is to use traditional means such as registering the blog to search engines, exchanging links and submitting our articles to social networking services like twitter, facebook, digg, StumbleUpon, etc..
Let the spirit continue to ya!

Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Remove Sidebar in Articles / Pages Specific

Some bloggers beginners (like me) might expect in one of its news pages free of elements such as sidebars or blog comments, just plain pure post pages are wide and appear. many of us are always wrong perception, for example, you can see it here. The yard I have removed the sidebar, and changing the size of the main (post page) to be wide, while the yard which I have removed the sidebar and form / comment and change the full play. Whereas when you read another page on my blog has not changed anything such as the page you are reading this. attribute the sidebar and complete comment .
Now the question is how do I remove the sidebar page elements and comment on a particular article?
To produce such a thing, to perform callback code from the page Edit Entry Css posts. So when the visitor opens the page, some elements of the blog will disappear. Here are basic tricks.

..... This is the final part of the contents of the posting.

#kodenya {display:none;}

You can insert a dialing code above Css edit entries at the end posts. To post pages I've ever Css paste the code below

 ..... This is the final part of the contents of the posting.
<style>#main-wrapper{width: 960px; float: left; margin: 0 10px 0 10px; word-wrap: break-word;overflow: hidden;}</style>


This trick works well in Fire Fox and IE, but did not rule out the possibility there are some weaknesses. Suggestions and criticism from friends so I would expect. Hopefully, the above tricks can help, to get maximum results in manipulating your blog page, so be varied as if the hosting.
Oh yes but it is necessary to make some adjustments crate breadth play. Adjust as needed and space of your blog pages.
Okay Good luck!.

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